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We provide financial consulting and hands on solutions for individuals, couples and small to medium businesses and in particular, analysis of personal estates, solving problem situations involving extremely damaged credit, divorce, unemployment, extreme debt/collections, foreclosure, etc. We are 100% RESULTS oriented.

Consumer education, savings and proper credit repair/maintenance is our brand.

IMPORTANT (things you should be asking): We never charge any upfront fees, we show immediate value and strategy to complete the customized plan we design with you before you're asked to commit to any fee, you can call us for a free evaluation and we'll tell you in about 15 minutes what we think you should do.

Most Canadians have what some may refer to as "a lot of debt". The vast majority of these people don't need a credit counsellor or a bankruptcy trustee. What most people require is a complete and well designed set of steps to accomplish certain goals in the shortest amount of time at the lowest cost. Anyone can do this. BUT - This requires the experience to know how to gather information about your situation, make a summary of facts, needs, requests, design a strategy to accomplish goals, implement strategy often with involvement from outside industries such as legal or accounting, knowing who can assist in various ways while sticking to the concept that - solutions to financial hardship should save the consumer money now and later - the opposite seems like manipulation of someone already suffering. We stay away from anyone we feel doesn't have our clients interests in mind.

Our consultants are available by telephone to discuss your unique financial situation and to help you create a customized plan. We specialize in helping to repair slightly to severely damaged credit, reducing monthly credit expenses and getting you back onto solid ground.

Our goal is to serve you and we look forward to responding to any inquiries you may have


DBO Ventures Financial 1‑866‑277‑1048 info@dbov.ca

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